Kindred Spirit Mailbox on CBS News!

Sunset Beach Kindred Spirit Mailbox on CBS Evening NewsThe Kindred Spirit Mailbox on Sunset Beach made its national television debut last night! CBS Evening News took a look at the unique landmark, its history, and people who are continuing the legend. They interviewed Frank Nesmith, who along with his then-girlfriend put up the original mailbox on Bird Island, NC.

For over 30 years, vacationers from all over the globe have traveled the 1.5 miles from the end of Sunset Beach to have a tranquil moment at the mailbox. Thousands have poured their hearts out, wrote letters to people they’ve lost, and described the beauty of the scene before them in journals left by the Kindred Spirit. Hundreds of these journals are now in the library collection of UNCW.

The “Kindred Spirit” and Frank are both unable to make the trek out to Bird Island, so they have recruited volunteers including local author Jacqueline DeGroot to keep the mailbox going. DeGroot replenishes the journals and makes sure the ones filled with messages find their way to safe keeping. DeGroot even organized a volunteer effort to fix the mailbox, the adjacent bench, and the flag pole after damage in Hurricane Irene. (See the article here)

The CBS feature showed how beautiful this unusual landmark is and how lucky we are to live in such a magical place.

See the CBS Feature Video:

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