Seafood Markets

Calabash Seafood Markets

calabash seafood markets

Part of the joy of being on vacation at the beach is getting fresh seafood! No matter what you are craving Calabash can satisfy both your taste buds!

Be sure to sample some of our fabulous and fresh local seafood while you are here, Calabash is known for it! – there are several great seafood markets to choose from.

Of course, no trip to the beach is complete without a great meal out, so be sure to check out the many restaurants in the area where you can get a fresh seafood there too! Here are just a few listings for great area seafood markets!

Clayton Seafood
9190 Shady Forest Drive

Capt. Leggett Shrimp Sales
At Price Family Docks

“Miss Chandee”
At Capt. Nance Waterfront Dock

“Miss Denise”
Clayton Norris, Owner